Bartlomiej ZABOJ

Architect / Co-Founder


In 2010, Bartlomiej graduated Master’s degree from a faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice – Poland.
He has always proceeded to translate gained knowledge into practice, therefore He had already started his professional experience during the studies.
As early as in 2007,  He launched cooperation with several architects by fulfilling tasks and making concept designs.

In the meantime, He co-founded Theza design group, which allowed him to run individual projects and competition designs. Thanks to that, He was able to gain experience not only in the production stage but also in the project management role.

As a reward for that work, He has archived numerous awards and publications of completed projects (at ArchDaily, DeZeen, etc.) and prints (in Commercial Display, Workshop Magazine, Forbes).


Since 2007 he cooperated with well-known Silesian architecture offices. After graduation, He started collaborative and regular practice with architectural offices and design studios in Warsaw, Cracow, Brussels and Wroclaw, which encourages him to grow and develop in all of the design stages.

Thanks to a wide range of projects scale and functions He has worked on, Bartlomiej has managed to gain knowledge and practice that allowed him to have performed the assigned tasks professionally. Skills in conceptual design, graphic presentation, construction documentation, engineering coordination and site supervision developed from years, facilitated him to implement projects effectively.

Practice on the international work standards, especially in the position of Project Architect in JDS Architects and Kuryłowicz & Associates, additionally enriched his experience with the wider design language and project development skills.


Master Engineering Thesis “Azurite Point – Multifunctional center”

Studies at the faculty of Architecture and Town planning at Silesian University of Technology Gliwice, POLAND



Architectural License
License to design and check without a scale limitation.

LEED 251 BD+C training USGBC / IC PLGBC

NCS Colour Course – NCS School Academy – Stockholm;


Trainer – UE and Human Capital programme trainings:
– Proecological solution of waste management
– Energy-saving office
Series of trainings focused on new energy-saving technologies and sustainability ideas.

Speaker – Retail Design Trends Conference – Warsaw;
“Design for free ?!” – designing a brand with a reasonable budget.

Delegate at IDEA Conference in Prague; Conference focused on the interior design and eco architecture paving way for buildings to enhance its living for people in it and how sustainable construction decreases the negative environmental effects.

Participant of architectural workshops – revitalisation of “Franciszek” coal pit in Ruda Slaska; Workshops focused on revitalisation of post-industrial areas and buildings at Silesia

Participant of students workshops – OSSA ‘08 “City pattern” in Cracow; Workshops focused on revitalisation of city squares, abounded from Cracow”s daily life.



IIIrd prize – Cognitarium – Knowledge Centre in Koszalin – in partnership with Interurban
IIIrd prize – Refurbishment of an office building in Warsaw for the City Hall – in partnership  with Interurban

Ist prize – International competition for the Congres Centre in Chaleroi – cooperation with JDS Architects

IIIrd prize – International competition for the Masterplan and Architectural Design of Public Service Buildings in Tirana – cooperation with JDS Architects

Ist prize – Competition for the pernament exhibition at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia – cooperation with AE Fusion Studio;

Main prize – Colour Designers competition by PPG ‘10edition;

Ist prize – Students competition for a concept design of unbuild church tower in Gliwice;

Ist prize – SARP competition for the concept design of city square in Olsztyn – cooperation with TU design studio