Alfaparf hairdresser parlours design is in fact not one interior but a series of salon of Italian hair cosmetics manufacturer emerging in Poland. As the winner competition for a new interior design – our design became the model for the new style ofr the next salons on the territory of Poland.

The interior combines the simplicity of modern design and fuctionality with a traditional building form which it is located. Black shiny surfaces cotrasts with linear white motifs. To soften the color contrast, warm hue of coffe with mil appeared inside as a middle tone. It refers to wooden window frames and doors. Design lighting allows to remain faithfull to the daylight hue – which is necessary for the proper color paint matching. Additional warm LED lightning can change the interior into a stylish and elegant lounge where you can easily lose track of time.

Typ projektu: koncepcyjny, budowlany, wykonawczy
Powierzchnia: 69 m2
Lokalizacja: Ustroń
Zespół: Bartłomiej Zabój / Ludwik Kaizerbrecht
Data: 2009-10r.