The basic idea of the Estetica dental center project was the rejection of standard thinking related to treatment. Determination of a simple and efficient functional interior was a starting point, but Estetica has much more to offer.

The creation of friendly, accessible but minimalist space was made possible by the introduction of a typology of graphics. It became a point of reference in principle theme of the square gradient based on such a module. The appropriate transformation of one image can make it the background or dominant. Modular thinking manifest itself in the arrangement of furniture fonts, logos, or the selection of top lightning.

Consistent submission to created program allows a very graphic and minimalist but still friendly in the reception loungeg, which is not associated with pain, but a relief.

Typ projektu: koncepcyjny, budowlany, wykonawczy
Powierzchnia: 105 m2
Lokalizacja: Dąbrowa Górnicza
Zespół: Ludwik Kaizerbrecht
Współpraca: Monika Krzyżanowska, Katarzyna Sąsiadek
Fotografie: Kaizerbrecht, Zabój
Data: 2007-08r.