P_house project was supposed to be another luxury house interior. Simple, modern architecture of house connected with beautiful landscape of forest and meadows, which gives a great opportunity for interesting continuation in interior. Whole building designed as two cuboids raised on each other simple but efficient divided space. First floor cuboid consisted of living room, with large open kitchen and dining / relax area, opened on terrace with great view on valley.
The upper cuboid was the private one – bedrooms, bathrooms and wardrobes. Open spaces with modern materials and great graphics designed by Weronika Juszczyk was supposed to be the clue of the project.

The beauty of landscape mentioned previous was in fact the reason why it won’t be continued. Technical problems of water gathering in basement forced investor to stop the project.

Location:  Tarnowskie Gory, Poland
Area: 265 sqm
Date: 2008
Design: Bartłomiej Zabój / Ludwik Kaizerbrecht
Cooperation: Weronika Juszczyk