20 years after the transformation, Poland came to a point where most things physically or mentally associated with the previous era, became considered discreditable. Mass rejection movement started to generate heaps of unwanted stuff; often replaced by products of poorer quality and design.

The Polsport project aims to change that attitude, to see the difference, to rethink and reuse.

Polsport cooperative – (which name is also a reused polish sport brand from the mid 70s) gathers designs created by people who dare think differently, who care about the heriatage and are ready to break stereotypes. The presented photos highlight a contrast between the abandoned industry (once pride of comunism) and regained design.

Project range: Graphic logotypes / furniture redesign / photo session / brand
Design: Ludwik Kaizerbrecht
Date: 2012
Assosiates: Halszka Małek / Bartłomiej Zabój
Photo session: Natalia Marcinek / Jacek Szuba
Photography: Kaizerbrecht / Zabój