The Warm house- modern space with the warm attitude. The Warm house contains two ways of living  fast, everyday hurry and calm – relaxing. It allows typical duplex space to be duplex also in use. Interior seems simple , bright and modern because of sunlight coming on walls and other reflecting materials in the morning . In the evening spotlights illuminate the wood floor giving warm beige glow on the walls. The surface light illuminates art noveau graphic style on the wall making it softer and the stairs lighten by amber Leds seems to be warm in touch. Additionally , the pattern is a protection of walls, making it easier to clean – which is useful while having small kids. The shiny, mat game can also been seen on the art noveau pattern style. The accent is repeated in the furniture, wall and bathroom and it is visible when surface lightened.
The art nouveau style became leitmotiv of warm house project after works done in Brussels  the world capitol of Art Nouveau Style .All that metamorphosis change house into the warm , calm place suited perfectly for relax. This change is strictly connected with needs of inhabitants schedule. Realization of this design took fourteen months and there were lots of problems among this time. Eventually it came quite similar to the visualizations which is the biggest advantage of whole project – it means it suits the inhabitants perfectly.

Location: Bedzin, Poland
Design: Ludwik Kaizerbrecht / Beata Lisiewska
Assosiates: Bartlomiej Zaboj / Weronika Juszczyk
Total house area: 150 sqm
Project area: 85 sqm
Design: 2008
Finished: 2009
Photography: Kaizerbrecht / Zaboj