Co robimy ?

Tworzymy współczesną architekturę stawiając t(h)ezy, ponosimy odpowiedzialność za ich poprawność i spełnienie.



We create modern architecture by formulating a thesis, we're taking responsibility for their correctness and fulfillment



THEZA  jako grupa projektowa powstała w 2007r., od tego czasu zrzesza młodych architektów, grafików oraz tych, którzy projektują z pasją.
Od lat działając na wielu płaszczyznach projektowych oraz zdobywając doświadczenie w wielu renomowanych biurach projektowych, tworzymy zespół profesjonalistów skutecznie realizujących wszelkie zadania projektowe w dziedzinie projektowania architektonicznego.


THEZA is a creative design group founded in 2007, which brings together young architects, designers and those who are involved into design with a passion.
Operating at multiple design fields and gaining expierience at many renowed architectural offices, we create the team of proffesionalist that successfully carry out any type of design tasks at the field of architecture design.

Realized Projects / wykonanych projektow

Thousand SQM / Tysiecy m2

Publications / Publikacji

Years of experience / Lat doswiadczenia

TEZA (gr. θέσις thesis, „umieszczenie, rozmieszczenie, złożenie, kompozycja”, od τιθέναι tithenai, „umieścić, położyć, kłaść, postawić”) – zdanie, założenie, twierdzenie języka, które jest zawsze prawdziwe niezależnie od wstawień w nim dokonanych. Tezy wyróżnia się na podstawie reguł dedukcyjnych.

A THESIS statement usually appears near the end of the introductory paragraph of a paper, and it offers a concise solution to the issue being addressed. It states the claim of the argument presented in a paper, and sometimes a brief summary of all explained reasons in the paper. A thesis statement is usually one sentence, though it may occur as more than one

Bartłomiej ZABÓJ

Architekt / Właściciel

In 2010, Bartlomiej graduated Master’s degree from a faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice - Poland.
He have always proceed to translate gained knowledge into the practice, therefore He had already started his professional experience during the studies. As early as in 2007, He launched cooperation with several architects by fulfilling tasks and making concept designs.In the meantime, He co-founded Theza design group, which allowed him to running individual projects and competition designs. Thanks to that, He was able to gain experience not only in production stage, but also in the project management role. As a reward for that work, He have archived numerous awards and publications of completed projects (at ArchDaily, DeZeen, etc.) and prints (in Commercial Display, Workshop Magazine or Forbes).

Since the 2007 he cooperated with well known Silesian architecture offices. After graduation, He started collaborative and regular practice with architectural offices and design studios in Warsaw, Cracow, Brussels and Wroclaw, which encourages him to growth and develope in all of design stages.
Thanks to the wide range of projects scale and functions he has worked on, Bartlomiej have managed to gain a knowledge and practice that allowed him to have performed the assigned tasks professionally. Skills of conceptual design, graphic presentation, construction documentation, consultatnt coordination and site supervision developed from years, facilitated him to implement projects effectively.
Practice at the international work standards, especially in the position of Project Architect in JDS Architects and Kuryłowicz & Associates, additionally enriched Bartlomiej experience with wider design language and project development skills.


Architekt / Co-founder

Ludwik - born in Silesia (1985) ; spent almost 2 years studying and working for his architecture project named: “Geomorphosis of Ice”. Project became the subject of his Master thesis in 2010 (at the Silesian University of Technology , Architecture and Town planning faculty) and was soon nominated for the Best Polish Thesis 2010 edition.
Ludwik has been working on his own projects since 2006 , co-founding Theza architecture group (2007). His interests in architecture and travel heavily influenced on his perception of space leading him to open a photography practice, Ph+ ( 2013 ) .
His architecture and photography work has been widely published in both national and worldwide media such as: " Workshop magazine" / "Archivolta" / ”Forbes Polska” / “The Times Polska” / “Wordwide magazine – Skanska”/ “Gazeta Wyborcza” / “Archdaily” / “Dezeen”.

Just after graduation Ludwik moved to Cracow where he started working as an Architect in Concept department of MoonStudio architecture practice. During a 3 years of cooperation, he developed numerous architecture, interior and graphic projects establishing his esthetic and engineering skills.
In the fall of 2013 he was offered an possibility to develop mixed use projects within Asia. Since 2014 he has started cooperation with international architecture practice - Spark located in Beijing , China.
In 2016 he has gained professional Architectural License ( Polish House of Architects).
Currently Ludwik is working as a Senior Architect at Gensler, Shanghai.


Architect / CG-Artist

Karol was born and grown up in an industrial region of Silesia ( Poland ) in a family of artists.
He has high interests in conceptual logic of architecture. He tries to find simple answers for complex issues. In graphic design he appreciates fast results, which are hard to achieve in most of the long term architecture projects development process.

In 2010 Karol has moved to Paris to work for ECDM architecture practice.
After he had came back to graduate he began to work in “Group_a architects” ( Gliwice). From 2013 he moved to work for the “jrk72” ( previous “Group_a”). Karol worked on architect position ( 3 years ) where he was responsible for the projects from design to executive phase. In 2011 he established the “Finm – Fantasy in motion”. This graphic project focused on visualization and animation of architecture.


Architekt Wnętrz

Beata graduates Architects Master degree at Silesian University of Technology.
As a proactive and self-motivated person she suited herself perfectly as a team player as well as an individual designer with exceptional sense of aesthetics. Beata displays natural ease of working in between analog and digital environment using both to reach the goals with outstanding effects.

Her proffesional experience was build on multiple interior design projects made in Poland, Belgium and France.
Currently Beata is living in Paris and working at Liaigre.